Becoming a client

You can invest in Merkaat by becoming a client of Creand the bank that will be the custodian of your assets without you having to visit their offices. From your home or wherever you prefer, you can start a video call instantly with one of our advisers or arrange a call at a time that suits you.

Once the online test is complete, a short video call will help us get to know you better and collect the personal data we require to open your Merkaat account, without you having to visit our offices. All you need to do is have your passport or identity card at hand and good internet connection.

After the video call you can sign the contracts online in a secure manner and transfer the first €6,000 to your current account.

It’s quick and easy.

Invest now with Merkaat from the comfort of your home!

Potential clients will be accepted based on their related risk.

XPERT investors are those who decide instantly which funds to sell and buy.