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This website and the information contained within it are provided for information purposes only and are intended as an introduction to the products and services provided by the bank. They do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy any product and/or service. This website does not provide detailed or comprehensive information about our products and/or services, nor does it constitute an investment recommendation or legal or financial advice or give rise to any precontractual or contractual relationship.

CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA provides its services pursuant to and in accordance with Andorran legislation in general, and more specifically with current banking and financial regulations. In particular, the bank provides its services in accordance with applicable legislation relating to banking and financial services and products under the supervision of the relevant regulators. Access to the website or certain services may be limited to certain persons by virtue of the regulations currently in force in certain jurisdictions.

Use of the website

Use of this website confers the status of website user on the Internet user, which implies full acceptance of these terms & conditions in the version published at the time of accessing the website. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA therefore recommends that the user read these terms & conditions carefully every time they access the website. Access to some of the contents offered through this website may be subject to specific conditions that may replace, supplement and/or amend these general terms & conditions, as the case may be. Therefore, before accessing and/or using such contents, the user should also read the relevant particular conditions carefully. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA may, at any time and without notice, alter the design, presentation and/or configuration of the website and any of its contents in whole or in part, or amend the general terms & conditions and/or the particular terms & conditions required to use the website and its contents.

The user undertakes to use the contents of this website in a proper, appropriate and lawful manner. In any event, the bank expressly states that the information contained within this website is not intended for users who act under jurisdictions that require compliance with specific regulations and requirements relating to the disclosure of information on financial and/or banking products and services, and the bank rejects all liability in this respect. The information contained within this website has not been prepared at the request of a particular investor, nor is it based on any particular financial situation. Some of the products described may not be appropriate for all investors and/or users.

Access to the website

As a general rule, users may access the website whenever they like and for free. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA reserves the right, in accordance with current legislation, to limit access to certain sections of the website. In such cases, as a prerequisite to accessing the service, the user will be required to register by submitting all the requested information in an up-to-date and accurate form (see our privacy policy). The use of a password is personal and non-transferable. The user is not allowed to transfer the password to third parties, even temporarily. In this respect, the user undertakes to make proper use of and keep their password secret and accepts responsibility for any consequence that may arise from its disclosure to third parties.

Contents of the website

CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA reserves the right to suspend access to its website and to stop providing any or all of the contents supplied through it at any time and without notice, whether for technical, security or maintenance reasons, or due to failures in power supply or for any other reason. Such suspension may be temporary or permanent. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA will notify the users of such circumstance. The user may lose the information stored within the website’s various services. Accordingly, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA cannot guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the website or web content, whether its own or from other websites that may be accessed via links, in such a manner that the use of such contents by the user will be at their own risk and the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE may not be held liable at any time in this regard. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA will not be held responsible for any damage, loss, claim or expenditure arising from the information obtained or accessed through the website, or for any computer virus, system failure, interruption in service or transmission, or Internet connection failure. It is not permitted to use this website to transmit or send any illegal or unlawful content, computer virus or message that generally affects or violates the rights of CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA or third parties. In any event, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to prevent any unlawful content from appearing on the website and, if it becomes aware of the existence of any such content, it will either delete it or prevent access to it. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA cannot guarantee the lawfulness of the content supplied in the database provided by third-party suppliers, partners or users.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

The intellectual and industrial property rights in the website and the rights to exploit or copy the website or its pages, screens, the information it contains, its appearance and design, or the links from it to other websites, are the sole property of CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA unless specified otherwise. The distinguishing signs (graphics and logotypes) that appear on the website, including the logotype of the bank or the entities within the bank’s group, are the sole property of the bank or the entities within its group. Any improper use of such signs by a person other than their lawful owner may be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation. Third-party intellectual property rights and trade marks are duly identified and must be observed by anyone accessing the website. Users may only download the contents or copy and print any page of this website for their personal and private use. It is forbidden to copy, transmit, amend or delete the information, contents or advertisements contained within this website without the prior written consent of CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA.

In view of the above, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA, or the companies within its group, as applicable, have exclusive rights to copy, distribute, disclose or transform the aforementioned signs, as well as any other property right thereto, without prejudice to any moral rights that may pertain to the authors of such contents.

The user of this website undertakes to abide by the aforementioned rights and to avoid taking any action that could violate them. In any event, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA reserves the right to take any legal action available to it to defend its lawful intellectual and industrial property rights.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These general terms & conditions are governed by Andorran legislation with express submission to the jurisdiction of Andorran courts.

Privacy and personal data protection policy

For the purposes of the current personal data protection legislation, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA hereby informs you that the personal data provided by you when browsing our website, either directly or indirectly (arising mainly from the use of cookies and/or the registration of IP addresses) will be included in a database held by CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA for the sole purpose of handling your request. Subject to your express consent, CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA will send you technical, operational and commercial information through any medium, including via email and/or any equivalent method, in relation to our products, services, special offers and new products which we think may be of interest to you. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA undertakes to fulfil its obligation to keep your personal data safe and confidential. CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ, SA will take all the necessary steps to prevent your data from being altered, lost, processed or accessed without authorisation, using the latest technology at all times and maintaining the appropriate technical and organisational security measures. Finally, please note that you may exercise your rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the use of your personal data by submitting the relevant form to the system administrator.

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