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About Merkaat

Merkaat is a personalised and online investment advisory service. We analyse your investment profile and our team of experts specialising in high-quality investment products provides you with recommendations for the purchase and sale of assets. In this way, you will always have an up-to-date investment portfolio tailored to your profile.

Both the profile analysis and the purchase/sale of assets are carried out online immediately upon receipt of the investment proposal. Merkaat’s aim is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are, your investment portfolio is being continually tracked and monitored by our experts.

What is an investment profile? Why do I need to determine my profile?

Every investment profile has a series of characteristics that define you as an investor. These features largely determine your tolerance to risk, your investment time horizon and your performance expectations. It is important for us to establish your investment profile so as to determine what type of investment product is appropriate for you at any given time.

What do I need to do to sign up for this service?

To sign up for the service, you need to register on the Merkaat website or download our app. Once you have completed the online test to determine your investment profile, you will be able to sign up for the service in three simple steps:

1. We will make a video call.

2. You will be able to sign the contracts online.

3. You will be able to make your first payment instantly.

How will I receive the advisory service to help me build an optimal portfolio?

You will receive advice from our team of experts who will send you a notification when their investment proposals are available for you to view online. Once you have viewed the proposal and if you agree with it, you will be able to complete the proposed transactions immediately.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, the minimum amount is 6,000 euros.

How much does this service cost?

We charge a single annual fee that starts at 1% + IGI (General Indirect Tax) and decreases to 0.75% + IGI. It is calculated based on the total value of your portfolio. Both charges on purchase/sale transactions and custodian fees are included. In addition, at Merkaat we provide you with personalised proposals which are tailored to match your profile (and sent at the appropriate time), along with updates and multi-channel support.

Where will my money be invested? What is your investment approach?

Merkaat offers investment fund proposals that have been analysed and selected by our team of investment experts. We select the funds according to specific and objective criteria to ensure that your money is invested in high-quality assets. These criteria include the characteristics of the fund manager, their working methods, the sectors in which they invest, and the sustained returns provided over time.

How can I withdraw cash?

You can make a cash withdrawal and subsequent transfer at any time by following a few simple online steps. The average time to access your funds is 3 working days, as you need to accept the investment proposal and complete the relevant sale orders. No penalties or additional fees will be charged for this transaction

How can I cancel the service? Do you charge any penalties?

You can cancel the service at any time via our online platform without being charged any penalties.

How will having an online investment adviser help me?

You could replicate our investment portfolios by yourself but the process of selecting the best funds and the daily monitoring and rebalancing of your portfolio to ensure it meets your investment limits would require a significant investment of time and knowledge.

How does the online advice service compare with other options?

Your main options are to create your own portfolio (which requires a lot of time and involves paying fees) or to entrust your money to an independent asset manager. Merkaat aims to provide you with a different experience and the peace of mind that comes with investing with a trusted bank.

Who can I talk to for more information?

You can send us your questions:

+376 888 444

If your doubts have not been resolved, you can send us an e-mail or call us:
  • +376 888 444
  • Av. Meritxell 80, AD500 Andorra la Vella