We know that making the most of your money is important to you, so that you can enjoy the present moment and secure your future. That’s why our investment proposals are focused on recommending the portfolio of assets that best suits your profile and investment objectives.


    Santiago, 65 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital and not lose my life’s savings. I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks as market volatility makes me feel uncomfortable. If my investment were to go down by 10%, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.


    Helena, 55 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital in the long term but I am prepared to invest a small percentage in products that carry a higher risk without putting my overall assets in jeopardy — that way I know that a large portion of my savings is protected from sharp falls in the market.


    Jorge, 50 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital in the long term but I am prepared to invest a moderate percentage in products that carry a higher risk. In this way I am assured that less than half of my portfolio is exposed to market volatility.


    Sergio, 40 years old

    Although I want to have some peace of mind, I am prepared to expose half of my portfolio to higher returns but also higher volatility. I feel it’s time to increase my wealth and I am prepared to take the risk that this implies.


    Paula, 36 years old

    My main objective is to grow my wealth and I accept that this means taking more risk. I am not worried about periods of high volatility as I believe I will earn more attractive returns in the long term.

This chart represents the annual net return obtained by an asset portfolio adapted to the profile from its beginning on 01/01/2017. The chart takes into account an average wealth between € 10,000 and € 100,000 where a commission of 1% per year is applied.

The annual commission applied (which includes the financial advisory service, as well as the reception and transmission of the orders in relation to one or more financial instruments, the execution of the orders that consist in the formalization of buying or selling one or more financial instruments, and the custody and administration of financial instruments, resulting from the execution by the client of the recommendations received) will be settled by past due quarters, and will change according to the average wealth assessed according to the following table:

  • Average wealth assessed Annual fee applicable
  • From 10.000 € to 100.000€ 1%
  • From 100.000,01 € to 300.000€ 0,95%
  • From 300.000,01€ to 600.000€ 0,90%
  • From 600.000,01€ to 1.000.000€ 0,85%
  • From 1.000.000,01€ 0,75%

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. It cannot be understood, under any circumstances, that the investment profiles of the portfolios are suitable for the circumstances of a particular client. It is essential to assign an investment profile in the client's portfolio in order to obtain an investment proposal.